The Gray Day

Yesterday we were out of school. Thank goodness. Because the art show put me down....down...down. Not only physically but mentally. Now I remember one of the main reasons I quit doing shows. Plain and simple. The sales. It was horrible. And it wasn't  just me. That's one thing about the art friends I've made over the years. We do not sugar coat. We speak the truth. And the truth is in Spring of 2012 I sold 25 paintings in one show. And since then....well I've not been so fortunate.  It's such a catch 22 though, because if I don't put myself out there I won't grow.  My sweet husband I could tell knew it was a bad weekend and he was trying everything to be sure I came home to a calm environment. Laundry was done, hot tub was getting winter ready, he quickly started unloading the van without being asked, dinner was made, etc....he knows me. And knows how a bad show makes me feel like total crap and like a total failure at life. It takes several days for the funk to lift too. Because folks, when you are an artist and you paint your heart on the canvas you become vulnerable. It's a word no one wants to admit is in their blood but it is. So although I wasn't the only artist with bad sales, I still felt exposed, vulnerable and raw.

Today is a new day. I rested yesterday. Watched 2 movies with William. Napped. And did pretty much nothing. I am still in love with my new paintings and know there will be a wonderful home for them one day. My goal is to get items listed into Etsy soon. Including original art and some prints. I'll be sure to let you know when. I hope you don't mind my being so candid here. I don't want to come across as whiney. Just honest. This past weekend was disappointing, wet and tiring. It was another weekend in the life of an artist.

Today I head back into the classroom. Looking forward to spreading some joy on my budding artists and sharing what I love about art with them. They amaze me with their abilities and willingness to try all that I bring to the table for them.


Lana Manis said...

Dear Jenni ~ Good for you for staying positive! I absolutely LOVE your art and think it just wasn't the right place / right time. I did that festival last fall... you may remember me writing to you for some insight on what to expect. It was the first away from home festival and I was so excited to be taking my paintings and was expecting great things! And it was a bust for me and from what my neighboring vendors told me, sales were way down for them as well. I remember that last night when I sat in the hotel room and called my husband back in TN to tell him I never made my booth fee... and had no idea how I'd recoup all the money for supplies, travel, hotel, etc. It was all I could do to keep from crying as I spoke to him. But otherwise my daughter and I had a great weekend away from home, and the festival volunteers were amazing, and I learned a lot. By the time I got home, Etsy had featured some items from my shop (not paintings but little velvet pumpkins) and I had sales pouring in that covered all my costs! God sure works in mysterious ways, doesn't he? It'll work out, just you wait and see. :)

Darcy said...

I'm sure it is horrible and feels completely personal - hang in there! And YES please get those listed in Etsy or Big Cartel shop for those of us who can't always make it to the shows but would LOVE to be supportive!! :-)

Brandy Jiang said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jenni
Sorry to hear you had a not-so-good show in Norcross. I'm a big admirer of your work (I also live in your area!).
I understand that feeling of "what went wrong" or "is my art not good enough", when I have lousy art sales. It can be tough on the ego, no doubt.
I absolutely adore your work and think everyone at the festival must have been there for the corn dogs and sodas! *Possibly the same crowd I encountered while at the Norcross fest, last year* All the best to you!
Keep on keepin' on!

Courtney Walsh said...

This is one of the main reasons I don't have my art in a local store here anymore. It's depressing. But I have to tell you, your art is completely inspiring to me. I LOVE love love all the new pieces you've been posting on insta and can't wait till they're in your shop. Please know how very wonderful you are! <3

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