Yesterday was Monday. We'd come off an amazing weekend. Super long run for me, hours of fruitful yard work, successful dinner with William's girlfriend's family, church, shopping in the city and Cirque Du Soliel. It was a full and busy weekend where everything fell into place. BTW the photos have nothing to do with my story. Thus why the title of this post is randomness. Anyhoo, we went to bed Sunday feeling content and happy with another weekend under the belt. And then I woke up yesterday and was like dang my eye is blurry. And itchy. I trudged to the kitchen to make my coffee as I do every morning and again thought, geesh I can't see outta this right eye. So I glanced into the window and saw exactly WHY I couldn't see. My eye looked like I'd been in a ring fight and lost folks! I screamed and ran to the bathroom where Billy was and his reaction was literally one of complete horror upon looking at me and said, "Oh my GOSH Jenni WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR EYE?" I don't know. Ice pack and 1 hour later I'd gotten the swelling down enough and gotten myself dressed for school. Luckily the permanent sub didn't have a job so I gladly let her take my class and off I ran to the doctor. Allergic reaction. To what? I have no freaking idea. All I know is yesterday I spent in a coma with Lily and Lawrence by my side. Today the eye is still itchy and only a tad swollen. Getting old sucks. Plain and simple. And allergies are scarey. My mother started all this around the same age as me. It has taken years and several doctors to get it under control. All I can say to that is, "great". But honestly it may answer why I've had the tummy issues for 2 years now. Even though I've had the allergy testing, maybe....just maybe all this is allergy related. Sigh.

Enough with the weirdo story. Here's some photo candy for ya this Tuesday morning!
 I can't get enough of this little face. Seriously.
 I keep hearing about and seeing this book in my instagram feed. I'm gonna buy it today on Amazon. Something is telling me I need to read this book. Like today.
I finally hung the vinyl cling feathers over our bed. I love that you can see them from the den. They look even better in person. Yellow walls are hard to photograph.
 I finally finished this painting. These roses I think ended up being 5 different colors before deciding on white. That orange background is gorgeous but presented a problem for my positive space. It's like my brain can not handle warm backgrounds! Just realized this is prior to wiping off chalk lines. I guess I need to photo it totally finished and show ya.
 My stupid GPS is off right now. As a runner when this happens you get very, very antsy. It was telling me I was running 5 minute miles. Dang....sign me up for the Olympics right? hahahaha...So I turned it off and ran until my watch said I'd run 2 hours. 2 hours folks. And it felt so good. Like I didn't even nap later in the day good. Like my legs weren't jello on Sunday good. I am ready. Ready for Savannah in 12 days!
And last...I finally got my act together and made prints of recent work. Now, to photograph and get into Etsy. This is when I need a studio assistant. I seriously despise listing on Etsy. I'm pretty sure it's the most boring thing an artist can do with their brain and thus why I despise it so. But, I gotta do it. The prints are packaged and ready. And I've got a lot of original art to sell. Looks like I know what I'm doing this coming weekend!

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