Little Bikes and the Season of Giving

The season of giving. We are right upon it aren't we? I know I've already ordered several very special personal gifts to give and have stowed away several fun things for my children. The older I get the more I find myself drawn to gifts with meaning. The empty gifts are no longer as important. I get so giddy when I find that "perfect" gift for my friends and family members. In fact, truth be told I don't like receiving at Christmas. Rather love to give. Weirdo right?
So when a facebook friend emailed me about a gift exchange idea and could I possibly help her fill the idea, I got really excited! Knowing that when her friends unwrap these, something she loves, makes me super warm and fuzzy inside. I am sure the joy will resonate down to my little Georgia town.
Each little bike is on an 8x8 cradled wood canvas. I made the backgrounds all the same, but then made each bike a tad different style and color scheme. I hope the gift exchange reveals squeals of delight. I wish I could be a fly on the wall.

Have a lovely weekend friends. We are hosting William's girlfriend's family for the Auburn game at our home. I am so excited. We've known Toni and her family since the kids were 2 and in pre-school together. I love watching him be a boyfriend to her. He's seems genuinely smitten. Oh, the high school lovey days. Right? There is nothing like that feeling. And the best part is they re-aquainted at church. We hope to get our bonfire area cleaned up for post game smores. I'll share our area next week here. It truly is magical when all lit up with lights and a fire. And with all the love in the air, I'm sure it'll be even more magical.

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