Still Life and Weekends

The weekend is upon us. I can not wait for tomorrow. I've got a 10 mile run in the am. Last weeks run felt so good. I am hoping tomorrow feels the same. I had some calf tweeking earlier in the week...which freaks me out because it was about this time last year I had the same issue. And didn't get to run my marathon. Sigh. So hoping for better luck this time around and a calf that calms itself down.

I also have big plans to get all the paintings I've been working on framed and wired. Since receiving notification that I was accepted into Norcross Arts Fest I've felt a need to paint...new ideas...new paint...new...new. And it feels really good. I've about 20 paintings to get ready plus a pile of old ones that need repair. I intend to have a huge sale at the show on older work (think $50 paintings peeps!!) so it might be worth a drive to Norcross if you've wanted an original for a spell.  Here's the link if you are thinking about putting it on your calendar for NEXT weekend. I sure hope to see some of you there!

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