An Afternoon at Serenbe

A few weeks ago out at Serenbe I noticed this fabulous field of daisy's. Being one of my favorite flowers, I just had to bring the kiddos back from some photos! I bought a new camera with my etsy money and here are the results. I haven't touched these in photoshop...pretty nice. I had the camera set on the action man so I could just shoot away! So my son William wanted to grow his hair and we let him, obviously. I kind of liked it....until now. I can't see his beautiful blue eyes in any of the pictures I took! Maybe a trim is in order, just maybe. It's funny to watch him play baseball. He almost needs a bobby pin!
Mailey is normally the camera diva. Today however, she wanted nothing to do with it. So here's a sneak shot I got before she turned her head.

After a cupcake "as big as my hand" as William said, and a yummy BLT, we headed for the horse stables. Mailey is going to start riding this summer so we wanted to go love on our new friends a little. I hope you all had as wonderful and playful an afternoon as we did!

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