Making Way for A New Studio

I live in a cottage. A cute cottage non-the-less, that I've worked for 12 years now making into a comfortable home for my family. But there is not much room for an art studio in my little cottage. I had one of the bedrooms as my nook until William came along, moved myself to the sun room, then Mailey came along....which meant toys....toys....and more toys. So, I lost my area for a couple of years. Then I decided to carve a nook in the garage. It is great to be out there. I painted, put up a divider, carpeted, installed shelving and loved the wonderful art desk for about 1 1/2 years now. The biggest drawback to a garage studio however is the weather. In the winter I bundle up, in the summer, well just imagine what I have to do. I do live in Southern Georgia. Home land to mosquitoes, humidity and long summer days. So, I've made an executive family decision to bring my little nook into the sun room. A room only the cats sunbath in and I drink my coffee. It's attached to the kitchen. Makes sense that I'd make it my little creative zone. I can look out the window at the garden I've nurtured, enjoy heating and air, and still keep the garage area set-up for when I expand beyond my sun room borders (which as artists we know we expand beyond our little desks often). So I'll share pictures soon of the studio as it looks now in the garage, a junk pile really, the pretty sun room that no one uses but the cats and of course the transformation. I love a re-do. Really.

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