Oh...I love a Parade!

Parades...oh what fun we have. It has become quite a family event over the past couple of years since Billy has taken office. One of our favorite little towns to parade around is Senoia. Today is their annual Memorial Day parade. The route is about 1/2 mile, tops. But the streets are lined with people waving and hollering and hoping for a shot at a piece of candy or two. Billy is big on having a ton of candy for these events. Today we are borrowing my best buddy Valerie's little beemer convertible. I'll add some pics of our days event later...but for now here are some past events. This is Mailey a year ago. I'd bought this adorable crown for her to wear.
Just found this one in the archives of my computer. This was our first campaign parade truck. This was before Valerie and I had the Flea. The children on the left are her two, Brice and Olivia, then baby Mailey, and another little girl. (I have no idea who she is! 4 years can change a child's looks so very much!) William drew this sweet American flag in the grass that we printed onto tees for everyone. The back said vote for Billy except on Mailey and William's where it said "Vote for my Daddy". What you don't see is the trailer we pulled that had a pile of people. It was I think the best parade for us thus far!
This was last year's 4th of July Parade. We've grown up a little...used a tractor this year in true Newnan form!
This was the Moreland kiddo parade. We have no idea who Mailey hoped a ride with, but she was determined to ride in this over the top silverado power wheel! Man has her little face changed!

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