New Horizons

I have found over the years that sometimes using unexpected materials brings about a whole new painting experience. I blogged earlier about using joint compound to bring new texture to my otherwise flat acrylic surfaces. I am teaching an adult painting class every Tuesday at the store where they all wanted to try out this new technique as well. They've inspired me so much with their skills and talents combining the paint and joint compound! Everyone's finished pieces are absolutely amazing! I am tickled to have been able to share this new journey with them. I guess it's the teacher in me, but I love sharing ideas, new techniques and even compositions with my students. It's very rewarding to hear they've actually hung their completed painting up or given it away! Here are two of my newest landscapes. I was inspired by an artist at Wesleyan for the above painting, and below is one of my favorite wheaty landscapes. They are both nestled in salvage wood frames.
This painting is entitled Ocala Wheat at Night and will be hanging at Espresso Lane coffee shop until July.

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bridgette said...

These two landscapes are really beautiful. The colors seem luminous on top of that joint compound.

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