Hey Ya'll!

Yes, we really do say that in the south. I don't have quite as fun of a southern drawl as my daughter, but I say say it with as much enthusiasm as she! S0 "hey ya'll!", from wherever you are in the world.

Why the formality you ask? You see, I have this really cool thing I found on Michele Maule's site called a Stat Counter. It allows me to see how many hits I am getting on my blog, and where they are from. Now, let me first say I have visitors everyday, but by no means what some of my other favorite blogs have, like Creative Thursday. She probably gets 1000 hits or more a day. I get more like 10. But, that means someone is out there reading my thoughts, and watching my art evolve through the little snip its I share. To the point, I just checked to see where my hits were coming from and of course most are from the good old USA. BUT, I found that someone in Singapore, India, Ecuador and Australia have found me too! Man, that is really cool, and weird at the same time. So, if you are reading this from another country, and you don't read English, does the blogger translate into your language for you? Hmmmm...Interesting thought. Anyways, thanks for reading over and under there!
Still getting ready for tomorrow's event out at Serenbe. I came off such a high from Wesleyan that I've not given this as much thought as I should. It did completely storm on my way home, soaking all my props and backdrops. Perhaps I should check everything...but it's raining here. Maybe a nap first.....
By the way those chicks with me are Julie on the left and Valerie on the right. Valerie and I own the shop together. Check us out at www.thevintage-flea.com!

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