I was cleaning out my photo files when I came across these images of the May Day event out at Serenbe. I'd forgotten to share about the day! This event was a ton of fun. It came on the heels of the Wesleyan show, but was a completely different experience. We were so fortunate that the day was perfect weather wise. Sunny, a gentle breeze, good food, good drink and good people. I sold 2 paintings a bunch of little items. It was great exposure and a nice way to familiarize myself with outdoor shows. I'll admit the inside show has its advantages, but I truly love being outside, so this was a really great first time outdoor market experience. I'm doing a huge outdoor, bring my own tent event the first weekend in October, so this was great practice. I learned immediately that I need to re-work my smaller items so you can see them better, and buy them quicker. Also, I will never do a show again without credit card capabilities. I can't tell you how many people had no cash and no checks. This is a day of plastic and as artists we need to be able to accommodate our buyers with this service. The tent was set up as one long venue with each artist having a 10' x 10' area. Valerie and I were next to each other which was fun to be by a friend. There were about 3000 visitors to the event. Like I said, great exposure!

Mailey and I got to ride in a hot air balloon as well that day. It looks a lot higher than it actually was, but it was a ton of fun nonetheless. And being with Mailey made it more special! This event I will definitely do again and recommend it to other artists and visitors as well!

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