Weslyan Market- A Little More

I realized after I posted my last blog that most of those pictures were taken on Saturday. So here are some earlier pictures. A little nest holds my Mattie Cards. What I failed to mention in the last post was that many artists painted in their space the entire weekend. I did not bring supplies for that, but did bring a new sketchbook and started a first in what I hope to be many Mattie adventures, a children's book series. I've got my ideas, sketches and some text for "A Bird Named Mattie", which tells of her birth and her family. And the second "Mattie Goes to School", where she of course finds that her favorite subject is art.
Here is actually a picture right after I finished setting up, before the opening reception Thursday night.
This is the side of my booth where I had all my little items. Turns out I was the only artist with items quite like this. I found that people really where here to buy art and that my pendants, which sell nicely on etsy and my store, didn't sell well at all! Live and learn! I think having a variety of prices on my paintings and with my smaller items is what kept me busy all weekend.

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