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I just found the perfect quote for those too wary to try something new....."What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" It's by van Gogh, the ultimate art risk taker for his time. Sometimes it feels I try too many things, too much of the time. It's that curiosity thing, and the endless search for something that is mine, new, and original. There's not much out there these days that hasn't been tried, drawn or painted. However, by using my own inspiration, and my own little twist, it does become something fresh and new.

During these years of trying to be a successful artist, I have come to more of an understanding of who I am as an artist and how all the little steps have gotten me to where I am now. I kind of like this place I'm in now....art wise. My birds, my wheaty landscapes, the joint compound....it feels natural and is something I want to do everyday. I found another quote that said something like "your real passion should feel like breathing; it's that natural". Art for me is a natural thing, and art becoming more a part of my daily routine is refreshing. It has been since I can remember...from music as a child to now my teaching and painting. It's not something I feel pressured to do, but rather want to do, am lead to do. It's a happy thing!

With that being said, I am off to the garage to work on a new composition. One with more poppies. I kind of like those little girls too. I'll share soon!

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bridgette said...

Van Gogh is always great for some good quotes.

I just put some art quotes on the side bar at my blog that I think you might like too. Here's one: Keep in touch with your soul by developing your technique.There are no mistakes, so…just work. The more you work the more you’ll figure out if that’s your bliss. ~ Fernando Araujo

sound like you found your bliss!

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