Etsy and Handmade Kids

I've been trying to find a way to get noticed in the world of etsy. There are so many artists listing now, I feel my little pendants and tiles get lost. So I purchase showcases, stay up on what is new and this past month I think I've found where to "plug myself in". They now off a Handmade Kids Showcase. How perfect for my little images! I know that most of my work won't be hanging in a bank, or a decorator showhouse living area. It is more likely to appear in a children's hospital, playroom, or nursery. And I love that! So now I have a new focus. They are hosting a contest too. So I've got to get creative with my photos, that's one of the criteria. Hmmmm....Maybe on the new playhouse out back? This tile is from my house series called, "Party House". I've never made tiles of it. Boy it looks cute all framed up! This is Mrs. Tobey's House.
Here's Mattie 30 and Holding.
I used Mailey's room for a set shot. I have no idea what I am doing in this area, but it was fun. And they did not argue with me, and were always smiling! So check out my new listings in etsy today!

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