Nests and Our Homes

We've had an unusually stormy night or two the past week here in Newnan. And while the rain is such a blessing, the aftermath of a serious storm always has its' consequences. My poor neighbor had a pine tree land right through her house, flooding it pretty good. Mother nature tends to fight with fury sometimes and while we as humans can clean up and move on, I am sure the little birds in our yard feel vulnerable and sad when their homes are destroyed. My William was out in the front yard Sunday when he came running into the house with the most beautiful nest, full of broken blue eggs. He was really upset that the babies had been crushed. On Monday he found another nest under the oak tree, no eggs this time. Then today he found yet another! I took his picture with the nests to document the findings. Honestly I was a little excited because I love my collection of nests he's found, birds he's made from clay and my vintage ones all together in a cabinet. Three in 3 days is a real coo. After I took the pictures I studied the findings a bit and noticed the uniqueness of each of them, and how truly beautiful they were. Little works of art. Some mother bird worked extremely hard to make their babies a home to wake up in. There is no telling how many hours she gathered, wove, and waited for her children to arrive. Don't we as human mothers do the same? We busy ourselves with tending to the day in and day out chores of making our house a home. I know some of my chores are quite tedious, like laundry and the potty room, and I do complain about those jobs. But at the end of the day when I take my two children to bed, I love knowing that this home we've built together is built with worldly things of course, but it is also built with lots of love, kindness, patience, and happiness.
Our home is full of layers, just like the nest above. It's what keeps us together as a family and will continue to hold strong, even in our weakest moments. And just like the nest, our home could one day be a little damaged, but the layers of memories, they will stand the test of time no matter where we live.
This is a painting I did of one of our family nests. It hangs in our living area...I've not yet been able to part with it. Maybe it's the mother bird in me, but this nest makes me feel calm when I see it. Makes me feel right at home.

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