Mattie Has Flown to Chicago!

I'd read about this super cool craft fair called Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, Chicago and now San Fransisco. I was thinking how cool to be in a craft fair full of artists a little like me.....and I dreamed of setting up a booth in one of these great cities. So I jumped over to their site one day and found out they have a brick and mortar store now called Renegade Handmade. They feature about 200 artists from all over. It's like a real etsy shop! I filled out the consignment application, sent over my photos and voila! I am now selling in this store! YEAH! My name is already on their website. Here it is:www.renegadehandmade.com
So we'll see how my little pendants do up there. The photo above is of their store front. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that today while reading Home Companion, they had like a 6 page article on Renegade Handmade the store and the craft fairs! Talk about great publicity!

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bridgette said...

congrats! I will have to go look for your work when I'm in Chicago.

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