On Saturday....

"On Saturday, Mattie wanted to be one of the Anthropologie Ladies." So I think I've found that- A. I see a trend in my art with shoes, I'll explain that come about in my next post and B. I see a new series of paintings for Mattie....and possibly a book idea about just being who you are, not anyone else! So I guess I'll start back with Sunday, the first day of the week and see what she'll be on that day!
These fabulous Anthropologie catalogues come to my door ever so often. I usually drool over the layouts, textures, clothes, and furnishings. Oh how I wish I had a body to be one of their models! Just to be on the set....that would be cool. Anyways, this month I was smitten with the shots of the models like the one above, cute tights, fabulous shoes and funky little outfits. I've been mulling over this idea of collage lately...and voila! The idea came to me. I was also doing my Sally Jean trick of finding words in a book to inspire my paintings. In my recent book selection, Pride and Prejudice, I've found a ton of great word selections, like "one of the ladies". Oh how it all came together after that! I did apply beeswax at the end and was a little upset that it changed the appearance of her tights, but there are no mistakes in art and I used it as a lesson to not use beeswax on magazine anymore!


Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

Oh ~ I love this one Jenni!! :)

Lori Craig said...

Jenni - guess who I got to meet in Chicago last month? Claudine Hellmuth. I always think of you when I see her stuff. And, she so stinkin' sweet! ;)

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