Shoe Inspirations

If you've read my blog awhile, then you know I part-own a cool little shop in Historic Downtown Newnan called The Vintage-Flea. We have chic shops downtown, including Boulignini, a shoe and accessory shop three doors down from us. The owner Kim came in at least a month ago and asked me, "Would you draw this shoe for me so I can use it on my business cards, as a logo?" "Sure" I said. So this little kitten heel sat on my art desk for the past month, literally. My daughter walked around the house in it a bit, I even tried it on. See: Shoe on right is my regulation Jenni shoe, the fitflop. So far, the backside is not slimmer, but I keep holding out hope! As I've stared at this sexy shoe, and placed it on my foot a couple of times, I wonder, just wonder how Carrie Bradshaw did it in those heels...all over New York City! I will say this shoe has quite a cushion system. It is a $150 shoe, it better have cushion!
So here's my final piece. I think Kim will be pleased! This shoe sitting on my art desk this past month has inspired a series of shoe paintings! Since sitting here I've created Mailey and Mattie in their orange crocs and the Mattie wanting to be an Anthropologie girl. Let's see, next month maybe I'll put a yummy cupcake on my desk to inspire me. I'd have to replace it everyday though!

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