New Mini Paintings

"Henry Turns 6"
3.5 " x 8"- mixed media on wood

"Steady Friends"

3.5" x 3.5"- mixed media on wood

I was doing my usual blog reading and found out that Sally Jean now has a blog. It reminded me of a workshop I had with her in Portland awhile back. One of her techniques to get you going on collages is to pick words from a jar and go from there. I did my own spin on this by reading a book and snipping little passages that were funny together or could inspire a new painting. She always uses vintage papers, charcoal pencil, and white paint to embellish. I of course had to use my little birds and flowers with a bit more color! These two little guys I made up last night. It was great fun, and a great mess! I think I'll add a layer of resin to give them the ultimate shine.

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