Good-Bye to Junior

Mailey and Junior our pet frog.
William and Junior. Look at those jumping legs!
Let me introduce you to Junior. A frog. Yep. A frog. We raised this little guy from tadpole hood until now. He had a little goldfish bowl he swam around in and grew out of his icky tail into a full-fledged frog. It was quite a treat. I can't help but giggle a little thinking about the morning Billy woke up and found our cat Jack playing with jumping Junior in the hallway. This was our last day with dear junior. He was jumping out of the bowl too much. So we took him across the street to the pond. The cool thing was, he didn't seem to mind my children loving on him like a real family pet. I say all this because tomorrow is reptile and amphibian day at art camp. Oh the fun we are going to have painting crocks, turtles, snakes, and frogs! I wish Junior was still around to model for us!

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Lori Craig said...

Look how beautiful your kids are! Those eyes.....

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