Felted Friends

Last year Valerie took some of our felted sweaters from making flower pins and crafted these cutey pie birds. So, desperately needing a change from painting, I decided to craft a few of these sweeties for next weekend myself. I of course got a bit carried away since it was so much fun to make Mattie and her friends come off the canvas! We are still in the process of naming them all, Mailey loves this job. So far I have 4 on stands like above, 2 standing on their own and 4 in cages (still working on those babies, no pics yet).
There is so much personality in these little ones. I just want to pinch their whittle cheeks!
Then, while watching Top Design last night I got an idea to make a little cuff bracelet. Mailey had cut the cuffs off some sweaters earlier and was wearing them around the house like bracelets. They were cute plain, but adding the flower with the fabric covered button in the center...ooo...I am going to make some more of these!
I decided to add button closures instead of the pull on technique like Mailey. And besides, there's alot more seam around the bottom to make bracelets from than cuffs.
PS ....... I have found a few sweaters at the Goodwill to felt, but Valerie mentioned the other day that on Etsy you can buy from people that have already bought and felted the sweaters. I did just that and for $30 got an amazing bag of treats to make these goodies. So if you are wanting to try this on your own, I recommend Etsy!

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VieiraGirl said...

Love the little birdies!

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