Mattie's Social Circle- They're All Here!

I finished up all the felted bird sculptures I intend to take next weekend yesterday. I have the standing ones all lined up on my art desk and the caged ones all hanging from the kitchen chandelier (which looks so good, I'll have a hard time letting them go!). Then it hit me, they are like a little 3-D version of Mattie's Social Circle! Each one has so much personality. I can see them talking away to each other now. I've one more to make tomorrow, and that's a Mattie. For now, Mailey and I have named the rest of the circle and here they are: The caged girls are $45.oo each.

This is Sadie in her Tweet nest. She is $40.00.
These girls on stands are $35.oo each.

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday! We sure did here at the Horne Family house. Lots of football, hot dogs and napping! I'll be back soon with shots of my prints hot off the press and magnets.

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The Vintage-Flea said...

Olivia-LuLu is so cute!! See you later today.

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