In the "Zone"

Last night I told my husband that I was going to stay up late and try to get some painting done. With all the changes in my life over the past month, I have to say that getting a regular routine going has been difficult. I don't know how I balanced everything when I worked full-time, honestly! And my inspirations have been a bit off kilter too. A funk you could say. I am not a last minute person. Nor do I work well under short deadlines. I like to plan ahead, make lists, check things off, and go to bed early the night before a big event. I never crammed for tests the night before...never. So this art show is throwing me for a loop. Dead line drawing near, get a tent, need a credit card machine, do I have what will sell made, getting the stuff loaded and to Norcross, hotel reservations, and the list just piles and swims in my head. Especially at night. Last night however, I'd finished up my run of paintings (I like to draw a series, then paint them all at once) and went to bed on a creative high you could say. Visions of the bike painting were coming together, I theme I've wanted to try for awhile now. So I went to sleep peacefully instead of my head swimming.I woke, I jumped out of bed, got the kids to school and went for my morning walk/run with Lily. Usually I run about two mailboxes worth. Then walk the rest. But today, by golly I ran and ran until I ran out of neighborhood. Not sure exactly how far, but I'd say about 3 miles. I was in the "zone". Feels good. Now I'm ready to tackle that bike painting. I'll let you know how it goes. For now here are two newbies. The top one is called "Fall is Coming", the bottom one is "Triplets in the Fall". I let my daughter Mailey help me with the names of my paintings, she gets a total kick out of it. When she saw the three birds she said, "Mommy you've got to call this one the triplets, like our friends at church." We have not one but two sets of triplet friends at our church by the way! Have a creative day!

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Lori Craig said...

These are adorable - Love the 'triplets' - bet the set that I know are almost to college! LOL I forgot about your blog tag - I'll try to get to that on Tuesday - can't wait to see the 'bike' - hugs!

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