The Funky Chicken Art Project...Here I come!

This past weekend I received an exciting e-mail from Christina. She owns the Funky Chicken Art Project in Dahlonega, GA. After visiting her website, complete with a rooster call, I decided Mattie would fit right in. I packed up my box tonight of: Framed marble tiles......
Porcelain Pendants.....
And two little originals.
I mentioned that I have three big shows coming up and had all originals earmarked for those events. She totally understood and asked me to go ahead with the tiles and jewelry. I decided to add 2 originals to see how they did. Hopefully I'll get the pressing and other little bits done for the shows and can get more original work made to "spread the love" as my sweet friend Stephanie would say. So if you are in the Dahlonega area sometime, be sure to stop by and say hello to Christina!

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