The Girls

At the Vintage-Flea we have a wonderful collection of mannequins we call "the girls". We always dress them up in fun things...right now they have fabulous newspaper skirts complete with lovely bows. So when I needed to fix up my two little "girls" for the show I got just a wee bit carried away and made them these super fun paper skirts....with my sewing machine no less! I just had to share their picture. The larger girl was my Christmas present when I was 21, the baby is normally in Mailey's room with a costume on. I am so going to have the best dressed booth in Norcross. If anything, I want people to feel welcome as they pass by, come on in, and stay a spell.
PS That adorable house in the background is Mailey's little playhouse. I wish I could take it with me for my booth!

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