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This has been a weekend of magazines for me. I stopped at the local big box bookstore Friday night to enjoy coffee and glances through all the latest design magazines when I hit the jackpot on the latest art magazines! I found Somerset's Artful Blogging (which I just posted about), Cloth * Paper Scissors Nov/Dec issue and Cloth * Paper Scissors Studios issue. Yes, jackpot! Earlier in the week I'd found Somerset Studio's Where Women Create as well. So here's my brief re-cap of these amazing publications. I could move in and live with Sally Jean. Her studio space just speaks to me...it says come create with me in here! They had several other big name artists all whom I enjoyed seeing in their work spaces. Their space tells alot about them to me. In Cloth * Paper Scissors Studios I found creative spaces of crafters who are more at my level of fame and fortune. In fact I love what June Daley had to say about her space. June had admired the spaces of many before started her new room. After she finished her creative space, she stepped back and realized that she had gotten caught up in too much of what others had and not enough about what she needed and wanted for herself. She did a little changing up and voila! a fabulous space you can see in the magazine. I love seeing what others have, especially how they organize, but I love my space. Here I am with Mailey and lap dog Lily. It's about 10"x10" and ALL windows.
Actually right now it's a bit messy with piles of things to do. Seeing this makes me realize maybe it's time to clean-up a bit! I also found some great new ideas in the regular publications of projects for my students. I love that artists are so willing to share not only their artwork, but their techniques in those publications. What a wonderful source of inspiration! I'm off to clean up my space now! Have a nice evening!

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June Pfaff Daley said...

Hi Mattie- I stumbled upon your site doing a self google...did i just admit to being entertained by that?! : ) I can't tell you how much I appreciate hearing that my studio confession rang a bell with someone else. Thank you so much. BTW I LOVE (in all caps!) your work.

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