Catching Rain Drops

Before I found the confidence to paint on canvas, I painted many murals on walls. My favorite place to paint was in a little girl's room. This was way before my own Mailey Grace came along. In fact, I can remember taking William in his pumpkin seat to sleep while I painted fairies and flowers on a wall. There are many houses in Newnan that now have my little fairies on the wall- silly hair, stripey tights and patterned wings. Always flying over big fanciful flowers. If I can dig up a picture of one, I'll post it later. So when I was in the mood to paint something sort of new, but not re-invent the wheel, I found the fairy file in my head and adapted it to create her. This is Olivia, Mailey says so. She's catching rain drops, which happen to be cut hearts from vintage registry paper. I had so much fun malking her, that I've already started a new one. The new one is holding a Mattie bird and is named Mailey, she insisted and I couldn't resist!
Details of the painting above and below. I love to put words together to make a little bit of poetry in my art.

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