Give Me A Little Texture

In a need to do something more textural with my acrylics, I decided one day to add a little joint compound to my canvas. About 6 months later, and I am still enjoying this new technique. So here's the nitty gritty if you are wanting to add a little texture to your paintings. First, purchase a thin board and some joint compound from your hardware store. I use birch mostly. I've done this technique as large as 24" x 24", but smaller tends to be more manageable. Plan your design ahead of time so you can transfer the image in a timely manner.

1. Apply a thin layer of joint compound to your wood. Let this dry until you can carve into the compound without it being mushy. I use my dry point needle from printmaking days, but you can also use a sharpened pencil. Wipe the tip of your tool between each stroke to get a clean line.
2. Let dry overnight.
3. Use your pencil tip to clean out the etched lines and use a paper towel to wipe the rough edges away.
4. Paint using acrylics, at least that's what I use. The compound is super absorbent, so I really prefer my cheap acrylics from Michael's, you know the Apple Barrell kind. 5. Using a natural bristle brush, encaustic oil sticks, canola oil and a bit of patience, fill all the lines with color. I use R&F Pigment sticks because they apply very smoothly. It looks scary doesn't it? Covering all that painting, yikes!
6. Once all the stick is applied, begin rubbing lightly with a paper towel. You will also need to dab the paper towel in canola oil top really remove reside. Canola oil is your friend during this stage.

7. I use a ton of Canola Oil and even more paper towels.

8. Lastly, I use my Sennelier oil sticks to bring out the textured lines.
The finished product is always richly textured. I just love working with this medium! It has an almost encaustic appeal. I do like to paint in encaustic, but this gives me the texture I want and more control over the paint pigments. Now you try!

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Paula said...

Oh, I just love texture as well.

Found you over at Jane's blog.

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