Marist Holiday Traditions

I've been very behind on my blogging posts lately. The days seem to be getting shorter! I've also been a busy artist bee getting ready for the Marist show which was last weekend. I'd been told it was "the" show to be chosen to participate. And it was a HUGE show. But I think I'll keep my comments to a minimum about it being the "it" show. First, I found very quickly that it was more of a craft show, not an art show like Norcross. Ladies came out in droves for this event. And they were buying, and buying......magnet boards that is. So, a lesson learned and nothing lost only gained. I would participate again should I be asked. And this time I'll be better prepared and have my booth arranged a bit different. Thanks Mom for staying with me all day Saturday and for the yummy pimento cheese sandwiches! I had plenty of stock for this show. Magnets, prints, pendants, new glass ornaments, original works of art, felties and more. Since I've got a show every weekend in November, I planned ahead with the stock and am ready to go!
Here's a view from the aisle. We had exactly 9'x9' in which to sell from.

Inside my table was brimming with goodies. I was very proud of the display and can't wait for the Gifted Flea event this weekend!

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