Mailey's Creative Side

My 6 year old Mailey is always under foot when I'm at my art table. On occasion it makes me crazy. Other times, well let's just say she makes the coolest things! She is so darn creative. And really thinks outside the box. The other day she asked for the bubble wrap I had under my table....few minutes later with a piece of pink paper, scissors and double sticky tape she'd made the cutest astronaut! Another example of her creative mind at work is below: She made this collar for Lily from a sweater cuff, cut the red heart out, hot glued it and the stem to the band and voila! Adorable pet collar!
Is this the cutest dog collar ever? As I write this blog she is busy hot gluing (yes she uses a hot glue gun like a pro!) another one. This one is gray and has more of a flare. Hm mm....Maybe she should join me at Serenbe this year with her one of a kind creations.

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