Oh to Sip and Sell!

This past weekend I headed down to Sanderville, GA with my good friend Jill to her sister-in-laws house for what they were calling a "Sip and Sell". I had no idea what to expect, but I knew Jill's sister-in-law was kind enough to have me be a part of the event and stay in her home, and what could I possibly loose, really. Kelly's house is my favorite kind, a long brick ranch with large rooms and tons of personality. We arrived at the house around 8pm to find it overflowing with women busily putting out their wares. Now, this was not just an art show, as you can see below in the ginormous family room: Here's a run-down of the vendors that were literally all over the house: 3 antique dealers (I think one was a Scott's guy), a silver lady (and not silver jewelry either, I mean SILVER), pearl lady, kids room lady, hand-made beaded jewelry room lady, poinsettias lady, cookbook lady, homemade goodies and casseroles lady, old books lady, every type of decoration for your home lady, a fabulous topiary and bulbed plants lady, the Coach and Prada lady, a folk artist named Mrs. Thing, and then me. Yes, I stood out. And I sold and sold to those ladies yesterday. No paintings, but I did have 2 ask for custom paintings, so we'll see if they contact me.
Sandersville is a small town much like where most of my family lives in Alabama (Monroeville). There aren't many gift shops. So when Kelly decided to host this event it was very well received by the community. In fact, when I left last night they were talking about where to have it next year so there could be many more vendors. It was funny how they responded when I asked about a church fellowship hall. You see, it is a SIP and SELL. You can't SIP in a fellowship hall. So they are looking for an old vacant building or house. And in that town of fabulous historic homes and buildings, I'm sure they'll find one! I'll be back for sure!

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