Making Lists

This week marks the last week of "I have a show this weekend" statement. Yep. Show season is coming to an end. I'll be at Braelinn Elementary in Peachtree City all day Saturday and Sunday I'll be at the wonderful Serenbe community Christmas bazaar. As usual, I've got several projects in the works and new products to introduce. I introduced glass ornaments at my November shows and belt buckles to last weekend. For this weekend I've made some cones to hold greenery (which I'll post once the greenery is added) and some felties that are guaranteed to keep you snugly warm! I think it's important to add new items to each show, even though they've been spread apart in distance. It keeps me fresh and keeps my buyers excited to hear it's a brand new item.

I also find that making lists of ideas and products to create help keep me organized. I also make lists of materials needed for upcoming projects in case a sale comes up or I happen upon something I'll need. I also can't go to the grocery without a list, ever. I'll end up with a buggy full of these items: While making my Thanksgiving dinner list, which was quite lengthy, Mailey asked, "Mommy, what are you doing?" "I'm making a grocery list." "Can I make a list too Mommy?" "Sure." And by golly, she took that list to the grocery store and checked off her items. Yes, I know they are mostly cavity builders, but she made a LIST. And well, right now I am really enjoying the hot choklit and tede grams!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We have so much to be thankful here at the Horne house. Our day was brimming with joy and plenty of food!
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