The Husband of an Artist

You've met my 4 cats, dog, turtle, fish (have I blogged about the fish?), the kids, friends, the studio and so much more. But, I've neglected to introduce the biggest source of support and inspiration to my blog readers. This is the husband of an artist, Billy. Or, shall I say with a bit of a giggle, The Honorable Billy Horne. Yep. honorable all right. You see, he was just re-elected to the House of Representatives here in Georgia by an overwhelming 77%. Yeah!

Over the 17 years we've been together Billy has been supportive of my career changes and artistic whims. For example, our house has changed many times over the past 13 years, and it never seems to faze him. It's not uncommon for him to come home to me on top of a ladder re-painting our bedroom. He'll say, "I liked the blue". And I reply, "okay, but do you like the green?". "Sure". And so it goes. Those of you who really know him are laughing right now because you perhaps don't get that to me this is inspiration. But it is. You see, he's never once told me no, you can't do that nor has he ever stifled my dream of being a real artist. He never complains about the weekends I'm away for art shows, junkin', art workshops, and all the other crazy things I get myself into. His support of my life, the windy path I've chosen to lead, inspires me to be a better Mother and Wife for our family. He believes in me and what I can be. And that to me is what a solid marriage is ALL about. As a family we support and love one another, making decisions to better our lives and our future. He's proud of all my accomplishments and I his. Which lately, he's wayyyy heavy with the achievements.
Go Billy! Here we are, the happy couple on election night Tuesday.


Courtney said...

Congrats to Billy on the re-election!

UmmFarouq said...

Hi Jenni, and congrats on your beautiful family. So nice to see you here.

UmmFarouq said...

Sorry, this is Jennifer Barnett. :)

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