Getting Away to Savannah

This weekend my husband and I were able to sneak away to Savannah....without children. They were tucked away with Pawpaw and Gammy and friends. They never even missed us. We arrived early afternoon Friday and immediately hit the pavement. Billy likes to shop, so he's always a fun partner to have along for this sort of adventure. After cruising Boughton Street we decided to wet our whistles in a very swanky Tapas bar. Which now I understand means little foods. A little more walking and then it was time for dinner at the Pink House. OMG I ate such yummy fish, grits and greens (where else but in the south would they serve grits with a dinner that cost over $100). After filling our bellies we took the ferry across the river to the Westin for some hand shaking and back slapping. You see, we were actually in Savannah not just for the shopping, but for the Georgia Republican Party State Convention. And Friday night was super fun meeting candidates, seeing old friends from Leadership Georgia, and seeing constituents who work so hard at the grassroots level. Great time was had until the weeeeeee hours.
On Saturday since I was not a delegate this year, I had the opportunity to explore Savannah on my own. Camera in hand and a little bit of spending money I was off and running. First stop was back to @home vintage general. My favorite store of the city! I was in there at least an hour collecting wonderful trinkets for new collages in the works and some cake toppers for Amy. After this stop I walked and walked and walked. Stopping for a hotdog in the park next to a multi-talented musician and a man making flowers from palm leaves. My other major stop was in the shopscad store. What a fabulous mix of artists in that store.

I found myself taking pictures of odds and ends around the city. Not really the buildings, although the architecture is enough to make a historic preservationist melt. I love the way some of the rough textures created background for the delicate flowers. I also loved all the sounds this city made. It was busy with trolley tours, horse carriage rides, renovation machinery, boat whistles, street musicians and even a man hollering on the street corner about Satan. The infusion of sounds and scenery was enough to inspire me for days to come.

I really liked the way this iron gate created a pattern on top of this amazing church steeple. After 4 hours of exploring on my own it was time for another yummy meal and a long trip home. I love this city though, and can't wait to come back and explore some more!

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noelle said...

LOVE that last photo! And I knew I loved you - you're a Republican! Not too common in blogland!

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