Leaping into Grayton Beach!

That's right....I'm jumping state lines into the great state of Florida! You can now find my original paintings, felted bird sculptures, pendants, and framed tiles at this adorable gallery:
The Studio is located on 30A in Grayton Beach. So if you are vacationing somewhere near this fun place, stop on in and say, "I know this artist!" And pick up an original or two!
Today I'm giving my aching hand a break. Not sure what's up with it, but man is it hurting. I re-organized the studio and caught up on other artsy housekeeping items. Hopefully the doc will give my hand a happy pill tomorrow and we'll get back to work (actually it will probably be a very painful shot of that white stuff)! I've got ideas swimming in my head right now that this hand of mine has to get to work on! Have a happy Monday!

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