I Guess They Nurture Too

After refreshing the bathroom, and then the garage (which I may show pictures of....it was quite the overhaul), I needed a break from the refreshing. So I decided to paint a little. Yes paint. I just can't stay away too long. It was Thursday, raining of course, and the cats and dog were all in. We have 4 cats, a dog, turtle and fish. And for some reason, they all converged on me while I was attempting to paint a little.
AJ curled up on my left leg. He kept pushing on Lily with his tiger paw trying to get her out of my lap. I was taking these pictures with the only lens within reach, so the pics are pretty close. I wish to goodness someone else had been home to truly capture this site.

Lily was on the right leg. Sad puppy eyes the entire time. She's got that look down!

And then there was Saily, the old lady of the house. I think she's about 15 now and holding. She's been mean as a snake her entire life....I think that's what has kept her going for so long. She was laying on the desk in front of me on scrap papers. I suppose they have nurturing instincts as well and thought they needed to keep an eye on my resting.

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