I'll Be Nesting Awhile

"Green Apple"
"Bubble Gum"
I've not shared any pictures of my newest little babies I realized! Here are the two nesters. Bubble Gum found a home to an adorable teenager during the Wesleyan Show, Green Apple is currently residing in my fabulous new giant bird cage. This cage is slated for upcoming holiday shows, but of course Mailey has found a use for it right now. In the future I can see it filled with white birds at Christmas time. So lovely.

Anyhoo.....went to the doc today about the hand issue. Here's the lo-down. I may have some tendon........long winded word thingy. And? This means drugs (the legal kind of course), wrist contraption and resting the hand about two weeks. Hahahaha. Like that will happen. To me "nesting" means to re-do something. I am the crazy nester who starts one clean out and ends up doing the entire house! I have realized since feeling this intense pain shooting down my thumb to elbow that I am SO right handed. Maybe the contraption thingy will help this. Who knows. For now, I'm just going to enjoy my cold beer and some family game time. I think Littlest Pet Shop go fish is next on the agenda. Hope you had a terrific Tuesday! Tomorrow though, I do intend to mess up this super clean art studio, left handed. I'll let you in on on the results. They'll probably be pretty primitive!

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