Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day. What do you think of when you hear these words? Super sales, banks close, a vacation day, cook-outs, heading to the lake, no school, swimming pools opening, etc. Yep, those are fairly synonymous with the Memorial Day Monday. For our family, especially since Billy has taken state office, this day is set aside for attending local ceremonies and local celebrations for our fallen soldier. We attended a dedication in downtown Newnan for an amazing Memorial Plaza in the morning. The speaker I could have listened to all day. His patriotism is something I can only aspire too. One fact he stated that really caught my attention was that there are over 300 million people in the USA. Less that 10% protect those 300 million. Wow. So next time you see a man or woman in a uniform you should give them a heartfelt thank you for serving and protecting you. Next we headed to Senoia for their annual Memorial Day Celebration. People come out in droves to line the streets as period costume soldiers, tractors, horses, etc. parade on by. It is one of our favorite events to participate. This year, we had the privilege of riding in this hot red car owned by Chad Caldwell. I had all this stuff to put on the car- new bunting and flags. But once we saw this, we had to leave it be!

Having my camera ready this year, I thought it'd be fun to get some pictures from the view of the car. Ahead of us were 3 jeep Willis' loaded down with period costume soldiers and the parade leader Honorable John Yates. Of course, we still find the time to be with family on this day. My belly was full of good old BBQ ribs, corn and apple pie by the time the sun went down. I hope you had a lovely day with your families as well.

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Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks for supporting our troops! And thanks to your hubby for serving our country by elected office! I love your art and your perspective! Keep up the good work!

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