Coming Home

If you've been reading my blog the past few weeks, then you know that my BFF from grade school, Amy Hill Dickerson and her sister-in-law Ashley have opened Wedding 101 in Franklin, Tennessee. Last week Valerie and I drove up to help put the finishing touches on the space and of course attend the super Preview Party! Valerie did a great blog post on the event, so I'll talk about the coming home! This is us being silly with the mannequins. Valerie did not have a traditional wedding dress she said. Here, she looks like a blushing bride, don't you think?
I worked on two bride paintings for the space. Amy and Ashley were thrilled with the final paintings. They look lovely in their new home.

I also made 6 cake toppers which now rest in a beautiful cabinet anxiously waiting for their bride to say, "that's the ONE." And then they get to sit a top a yummy cake for one evening.

For the trip home, we knew that many stops would be made....every junk shop, flea market, antique mall we saw a sign for would not be off limits! After our first stop however, we decided to venture over to Bell Buckle. A quaint little city that hosts a family fun weekend in September with Moonpies and RC Colas. They say it draws about 25,000 visitors. WOW. That's a lot of Moonpies being consumed.

We had a fabulous time in their antique malls, curious shops, soda fountain and cafe. I believe we stayed 4 hours. By the time we reached the interstate again, most of the other antiquing haunts were closed. We did however have to stop at an exit to purchase a certain beverage for a friend and found a great Goodwill. An hour later the van was piled up with chairs, statues, bubble gum machine, trinkets, dishes and more for both Valerie's shop and my little booth. It was a wonderful three day trip. And the company was the best!
Super cute town, a must see if you head to Nashville.

Now I am counting the weeks until show season starts. 7 weeks to be exact. I'll be posting lots about the process of getting ready. And of course giving you a sneak peek at my latest work!

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Kelly Schulz said...

Belle Buckle sounds like my kind of town! I love little antique shops and moon pies!

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