Handmade Cake Toppers- Mattie Style

Yesterday I blogged about making these beautiful vintage inspired cake toppers for Wedding 101. Creating these toppers was a bit out of my comfort zone, and I found that I over thought every embellishment's placement, trying to make them perfect. I find however that being asked to move out of your comfort zone opens avenues in your mind and an explosion of creativity can emerge from that new door being opened. Yesterday, this was my favorite I made. Today however, it's this one. Looks alot more like a Mattie now doesn't it? Oh the stories I could tell on these two little birdies and their love story that led them to the altar!

I'll be gone until Saturday to Nashville. Valerie and I intend to help Amy and Ashley put the finishing touches on their space and toast with champagne to new beginnings on Thursday PM. Upon my return I have a new stash of paintings to share! Have a creative week!!

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