A Few of My Favorite Things

Our last Field Trip was a trip down memory lane for me. The kids and I headed to Birmingham, Alabama for the weekend. And I swear, I ate my way through the weekend! There is something magical about the restaurants and bakeries in this town. Seriously, I gained 4 pounds. So here's the first stop: It seemed so much smaller than I remembered, but looks exactly the same. The menu is stillon the wall! Lag's was a place we ate at least once a week as a child. Mr. Lag retired years ago they said, but still comes in every Friday to eat. I was so hoping he'd come by!

After Lag's we drove around the old neighborhoods and houses I lived in as a child. There were many you see. My parents were the original house flippers. It was embarassing back then. If HGTV was around though, we'd have made a great mini series! Then off to downtown Homewood for back to school shopping at Sikes shoes and Jack and Jill. I spent some serious dollars on Mailey, the nostalgia of it must have gotten the best of me. After those dollars were dropped, we headed to the bike shop, Pink Tulip and last but not least here:

Yes, there is a heaven, and it is cooked right here in this little bakery. Smiley face cookies and petit four cakes are my favorite since childhood, and now I pass this gene on to my children because it's their favorite too! They have so many delightful treats it's hard to choose. I looked quite silly trying to photograph them. But here they are:

And a shot of the cakes that I had at every birthday growing up as a child. Yes, that is ALL icing. OMG is it good for you. You heart, you soul, your mind..........it's just very good.

We hit severel more fun jaunts and then attended my 20 class reunion meeting. It went so well, that we stayed out listening to old Show Choir buddies in a band until the wee hours. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, promise! I on the other hand, will be dreaming of these amzing confections until September 12th, which is when we plan to meet again! Hope you had a sugar coated weekend!

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