Art Imitating..... Well ART!

This is one of my favorite paintings I've ever made. There's just something about the layers of color....and of course the little Mattie Bird with a party hat. Who can resist a bird in a party hat? Right? Anyhoo......while making new felted birds this go around, I decided to make some with more embellishments and definitely more personality. A fun Mattie was first on the agenda. I finally found a "Mattie blue" felt at a local craft store. One thing led to another and now we have a 3-D version of "Mattie Turns 30" above. She is sitting on top of a mache box you could fill with a fun Birthday treat or two!

Here's all the little babies I have left to add legs, stands, embellishments, etc. to. Doesn't it look like they are all saying , "Pick me....oooo...ooo...me next....pick me!" Or maybe I am just getting delirious in this art world of mine. I've got 11 completed (which if you follow my blog is twice the number on the SMART goals this week!!), and about 20 to go. What was I thinking?
Well....gotta go. Mr. Green Jeans is in his cage right now not wanting to sit up straight. And I need another glue stick, again. See you next week sometime when I finish up! My fingers are tingling to paint so I am sure there will be some fun compositions to share.


glenna said...

Stopping by from the Vintage Flea website. Your work is amazing. I very much like your style!
I have my name on a waiting list for a space in the V. Flea.


Lori said...

I love that painting too! Very creative, sweet, lovely. Hope things are going well for you in the new shop at papernstitch :)

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