Some Helpful Tips

While cleaning out the studio Friday, (it's a part of the creative process for me remember here?) I found this book I bought Mailey awhile back. Sums up how I truly think we can make the world a better place...and it has fabulously silly illustrations! I love books like this. So enjoy my favorite pages. I challenge each of you to come up with your own tip to make a happier life. Ever thought about that? My tip would be this.......find something you love with ALL your heart, throw yourself in and live it all up. And don't look back.

This page says make music on one side....and art on the other.


Lori Craig said...

I put you in my google reader so I won't miss anymore fabulous posts from you. I miss you, Jenni Horne! Looks like things are going well. :)

Kathianne said...

This book looks wonderful. I haven't been blessed with children yet, but love children's books and started collecting them. I'll have to add this one to the stack!

violette said...

that is really so sweet.......thanks for posting it.

love, violette

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