Evaluation of SMART Goals and Etsy Update!

Last Monday I started a weekly SMART goal list to help keep me motivated and accountable before the Norcross Art Show in October. Were they smart you ask? Well, let's just say that I did not take into account LIFE. Yes, that thing called life that sometimes gets overwhelming. I should have added to the list last week as #1 -start art classes at Arbor Springs. Because this took a huge chuck of my creative time. But the ball is now rolling on that aspect of my life and now I can move on. So I completed #3, #4 and #5. My etsy shop is up and running now with porcelain pendants. And our family enjoyed not 4, but 5 meals around our own table. So this week: 1. clean out the garage studio so that I can walk in there and find things!
2. organize afterschool art class lessons for next three weeks
3. work on completing at least 5 felted bird sculptures
4. PapernStitch site uploaded (new format! looks great!!)
5. dinner around the table at least 4 times

Hope you have a wonderful creative week too! I am dying to paint, so I may sneak a little in on Friday......

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