I Like You

Over the summer I participated in Marisa of Creative Thursday's "Life in the Fishbowl" e-course. It was amazing. I believe there were 80 participants from all over the world. The wealth of knowledge she fed us weekly was super, and so was all the feedback in the form of comments from my fellow classmates. In her first class she told us "I like you already." How cool was that. She liked us, even though she knew none of us, personally anyways. We came with willing hearts and minds to listen to what she had to say. Immediately you were walking into class, the first day of school and someone liked you.

I am painfully reminded of this as my children have started a new school. We didn't move, just were redistricted to a new school. We've been in school almost two weeks and my little Mailey has spent way too much time crying that she has no friends, that no one likes her. All she needs is for someone to say, "I like you already." So I guess my personal life is spilling over into my work right now, because I just had to add these words to my newest felted friends. I introduce Rosie and Jeremy. And they like you already.
As I pondered writing this post, I say with all seriousness "I Like You". You, my readers. You come to my blog to read a little about this and more about that. You come willing as I sort out my fears, celebrate my successes and offer kind words when needed. And I thank you. And not only do we need to hear the words "I like you", I believe "thank you" comes in close second.

Kindness is easy when you open yourself up and allow others in to experience what you really have to offer the world. So I challenge you this week to tell someone "I Like You" and just as important, "Thank you". And see what happens next. I have a feeling a door will open. Take care. Jenni

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linda said...

I also loved my experience in the fishbowl and it helped to push me forward, even though I am just starting out on this creative journey. It's so nice to hear the thank yous and i like you...or i like you just the way you are! I'll definitely pass on the love! :P

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