Fireflies and Love

So the past month has been a little hard for us as a family with our daughter. Really. I won't go into it all, but let's just say that daily tummy aches, no desire to play with anyone, or eat out are just a few of her new behaviors (on top of the others we lovingly embrace). Thus why I was tickled when she actually wanted to attend the Serenbe event with me. Even though she didn't last long, it was the longest she'd been out in awhile AND she ate in a restaurant. I think she forgot that it made her tummy hurt because she was so excited about her jewelry. Anyhoo, we also have recently found out that two married couple friends are not doing so well. sigh. So these are two of the paintings that sold this weekend. As they were passing my hands and into the new owners it hit me that maybe, just maybe, finally more of me is entering into my art than just my hands. And that maybe I have something to say. And maybe someone will really listen. The top painting says how to grow love....the bottom says let nothing dim the light that shines within.
I think I've already shared these with you, but now that they are gone, the words kind of stand out to me. And the message is loud and clear. Standing firm in what I believe is good and right for our family is of top priority right now. And that little light well, just like in the fireflies little hinney, I am not going to let anything dim what is shining so bright inside me right now. And I am hoping that maybe, just maybe, you can see the light too and are not afraid to let it shine.


Micah Holden said...

just precious! I'm loving all your art, don't know if i've stopped by to let say so yet. Gives a sweet happy vibe! So nice :)

Pamela Holderman said...

Love these two. Your sayings are always wonderful. Hope your daughter is doing better too!

Robin said...

Jenni, I too have a child (now 16) with his own quirks and fears. His kindergarten teachers said "They don't come with instructions" we do our best and try to figure out what will work. Good luck with everything. You have wonderful work.

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