Look What We Found This Morning

Yep. This morning Billy said his good-byes, walked out the door, then came back in with a very serious look on his face and said, "Um Jenni, you need to come look at the front yard." Now the look on his face made me think a cat was dead. Seriously Billy you need to show less seriousness in your face sometimes! Because this was so funny! urgh. Anyhoo....this is what was ALL over our front yard!! We'd been FLOCKED by the church youth group. It's a fundraiser they are doing to raise money for a mission trip to Panama. Is this the funnest idea or what? So to get un-flocked we have to make a donation to the mission trip. And for an extra fee, we can send the flamingos to someones yard of our choice. So.......who will be next?
BTW our dog Lily barks at the silliest things sometimes, not all the time mind you, but randomly. When something is in her yard she usually goes nuts. So where was she last night when we were getting flamingoed? Snoring with the children I'm sure. Because when she went out with us to see, she freaked out and started barking at them. hehehe....silly little dog.


gypsysticks said...

what a clever idea for a fundraiser! btw, i've been enjoying your blog. don't always comment, but i didn't want you to think i was being rude and not say at some point... hi ;)

Robin said...

I have seen this happen to others before. It's puzzling when you first come across it while driving, but funny too. Did you have a hard time deciding who to send the flock on to?

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