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Sometimes things just come together so nicely. While cleaning out the studio I found this little silver bezel that Valerie gave me to try with my porcelain pendants months ago. I never really liked the shiny silver patina, so I never pursued finishing off my pendants in this manner. But now, I have potions....fabulous potions that make shiny things very dingy, very quick. And now, well let's just say I am anxiously waiting for my round and square bezels to arrive from China!! Here's the sample of what's to come:
Today I headed to my new favorite bead shop and stocked up on all the beads and shiny silver findings I need to complete the necklaces. I have about 20 shiny bezels (see below) I've ordered and received already. Now I need to cut wire and chain, magic potion the parts then wire the beads together for the chain. The bezel will also be darkened and my artwork carefully placed into the bezel for a very new look with my jewelry. I am just about beside myself with the outcome and can't wait to start putting them all together! Hopefully I'll have some available by mid-June in my Etsy shop. But really they are the icing on the cake for my SOLO ART SHOW. Yep. A very big thingy I've been wanting to share with you bloggers for a year now. And now, it's almost HERE! Yahooo!!! More details very soon on the show. For now, let's just drool over the candy drop beads in this jar why don't we?


Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

Jenni...I will look forward to what you create. I have ordered findings from China myself....really helps when you need quantitiy. Haven't used a lot of "potions" so will be glad to see more on your stuff....deb

Deborah said...

Jenni, I found your blog today through thedeliberatelife.typepad.com, I absolutely love everything I'm seeing and reading. Oh, my goodness, I love you stuff!!! I will be back often and I'm saving up money for the art I want to buy!

Bracey Pate said...

I would love to know the name of your favorite bead shop!!

Gail said...


What's your new favorite bead shop? Any place close to home? I haven't been able to find much in our area:(

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