May Day and Mailey

So here she is at "her first Art Show" (that's what it became once I said yep to her selling with me). When I got home from Wesleyan Saturday night we worked together on finishing up her little charms, adding sparkly beads, and placing them on the chains. And of course since it was going in my booth, it had to have a fabulous display stand. So we made a miniature version of my jewelry stands. Which worked great. She wanted them priced at $10 each and hoped to make $75.00. (math is not her strong suit)We got there early, I like to be first to this show, it gets you the best spot. After unloading and a yummy breakfast at the Blue Eyed Daisy, we set out to get our booth ready. And she was a trooper. The wind was knocking EVERYTHING down. I mean everything. It was terrible. Finally we had to literally tie everything down with rope. Even my mannequin had to be tied up to the tent. The wind was unbelievable all day. But it was a beautiful day, so we could handle the gusts of wind every once in awhile.
She made it until around 1pm, then called her Daddy to come get her. She was "bored". I wasn't of course. People to visit with, sales to make. And sales we had!! Mailey sold 8 necklaces (woohoo!) and I sold paintings and jewelry like crazy. In fact, this is a 4 hour event and our sales were about as good as the very slow 3 days at Wesleyan! People were in a spending mood! And I as happy to sell to them!

Here's my end booth. Love the end because you get them coming and going. Thousands of people came out for the day. It truly is a great event. Thanks you Serenbe!! And thanks to all of you who came out for the day.

By the way, remember my statement about the wind???? You see the bird head sculptures above? Yep. They all tasted the pavement. I nearly lost my cool. But what's an artist to do? I mean the hours I put into making those.....I'll never get that back. Fix them? I can't even look at them yet. I just may cry. For now they are in a box in the storage unit. I've way too much to do this week to worry myself. The Dunwoody Show is this weekend, and with the success of the past few days, I've got to turn to and replenish some stock! So back to the painting I go. Yipee!


Dianne said...

Sorry about your birdies... but at least you had a good show. I wish we had shows like that here :(

Ludid said...

congratulations. best wishes for your little one. she is off to a great start.

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