Simple Paintings

As much as I love to paint my retroish American trucks, campers, bikes, payphones and coming soon.....ski boats, I still always have to wander back to this style of painting. Every once in awhile anyways. So soft, so sweet, and so very simple in composition. But sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered.
So what do you always come back to when you create? What always inspires you and gets you back on track with your creativity? Is it sewing? Scrapbooking? Photography? Or maybe painting too? I'd love to hear!


Beth HF said...

Going to museums or shows does it for me. Nowadays that doesn't happen so often. But right now we have a Yves Klein exhibition in DC-all about the "perfect" blue he "invented". I think after I see it there may be a little more "blue" in my art:)

Beth said...

Hello! Love your paintings!
I stopped by your booth in Dunwoody and loved your artwork. I was there as an artist too.

I'm an art teacher so I tend to work in a variety of media, but painting and colored pencils and clay are my media. When I get tired of one, I work on another for awhile. I never get bored!

Love your artwork!

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