Hey guys! Here's where you can find me tomorrow! It's such a wonderful event, so if you are anywhere in the Atlanta area, please come by. In the three days I've been gone for the Wesleyan School, my daughter Mailey has been busy working at home on some of her own jewelry for "her art show". She even called this morning wondering where the metal hole punch was. And why would you need that I asked? Because she was making some metal stamped charms for "her art show". Of course. Upon my arrival home tonight I quickly made inventory of what she had claimed as hers, made a display and have her packed to go with me tomorrow. So if you come by, please support her little budding entrepreneurship too! I can not wait to share photos of this little endeavor.
Man, does this say it all or what? Man are we unlocking potential in this studio. Can't wait! Oh, and the Wesleyan show was a huge success.......for me as a jewelry artist. Not so much as a painter. But my head is high because I LOVE my new paintings. And know there are homes for them out there somewhere.


Ludid said...

it's wonderful to see a young artist in the making. i am sure her jewerly is beautiful.

Dianne said...

Wonderful necklace! Congrats on the show! and good luck to the both of you!

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